• L coupling
  • GE coupling

    GE coupling

    GE Torsionally fiexible coupling (GE Coupling .Material: AL,GG25,GGG40,Steel)
  • GF coupling

    GF coupling

    GF Coupling        GF-Teeth Coupling
  • GS coupling

    GS coupling

    GS Backlash-free Jaw Couplings GS Standard types for size 5 to 38 hub material is aluminium/for size 42 to 90 hub material is steel.
  • Tyre Coupling

    Tyre Coupling

    Tyre Coupling  (Size 040 to 060 ;Size 070 to 250) B Tyre Coupling , F Tyre Coupling, H Tyre Coupling. Pilot Bore flange,Taper bore flange.
  • HRC coupling

    HRC coupling

    HRC Coupling  (HRC Type F&H ; HRC Type B) Angular misalignmet capacity up to 1 deg. Mass is for an FF, FH or HH coupling with mid range Taper Lock Bushes. F refers to combinations of flanges: FF, FH, HH, FB, HB, BB.