• Agricultural Parts

    Agricultural Parts

    Our processing company focuses on providing customized processing of high-quality balers, mowers and other accessories for the agricultural machinery manufacturing industry.<br/>
    Our many years of experience combined with a skilled technical team, modern equipment and high-quality materials make us a premium partner in this field.
  • Customized parts

    Customized parts

    Our company specializes in custom components for a variety of industries. We have the most advanced equipment and skilled technicians who can accurately process parts according to the drawings, models or physical samples you provide. We offer a wide range of machining services including CNC milling, turning, grinding, drilling and more.
  • Packaging machine

    Packaging machine

    In order to satisfy various types customer, we may request according to the customer to provide the design and the production. 
    For example, this waste paper packaging machine,which is used for both cardboard, soft and hard plastic and the like material. The big throw in front with one Clear control panel, making the press very easy to operate.
    The press is equipped with a full detector that shows when it is to be emptied.