HTD Taper Bore timing Pulleys 8M

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HTD Taper Bore Timing Pulleys    8mm Pitch 8M-20(20mm Wide Belt)    8mm Pitch 8M-30(30mm Wide Belt)

8mm Pitch 8M-50(50mm Wide Belt)     8mm Pitch 8M-85(85mm Wide Belt)  

Material:  Steel,  Cast Iron

We can supply different size timing belt pulleys.
HTD 8M-20 pulley for belt width 20 mm
P22-8M-20, P24-8M-20, P26-8M-20, P28-8M-20, P30-8M-20, P32-8M-20,
P24-8M-20, P36-8M-20, P38-8M-20, P40-8M-20, P44-8M-20, P48-8M-20,
P56-8M-20, P64-8M-20, P72-8M-20, P80-8M-20,P 90-8M-20
HTD 8M-30 pulley for belt width 30 mm
P22-8M-30, P24-8M-30, P26-8M-30, P28-8M-30, P30-8M-30, P32-8M-30,
P34-8M-30, P36-8M-30, P38-8M-30, P40-8M-30, P44-8M-30, P48-8M-30,
P56-8M-30, P64-8M-30, P72-8M-30, P80-8M-30, P90-8M-30, P112-8M-30
HTD 8M-50 pulley for belt width 50 mm
P22-8M-50, P24-8M-50, P26-8M-50, P28-8M-50, P30-8M-50, P32-8M-50,
P34-8M-50, P36-8M-50, P38-8M-50, P40-8M-50, P44-8M-50, P48-8M-50,
P56-8M-50, P64-8M-50, P72-8M-50, P80-8M-50, P90-8M-50, P112-8M-50
HTD 8M-85 pulley for belt width 85 mm
P22-8M-85,P 24-8M-85, P26-8M-85, P28-8M-85, P30-8M-85, P32-8M-85
P34-8M-85, P36-8M-85, P38-8M-85, P40-8M-85, P44-8M-85, P48-8M-85
P56-8M-85,P 64-8M-85, P72-8M-85, P80-8M-85, P90-8M-85, P112-8M-85


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