Calculation formula of tooth number of timing-belt pulley

The calculation formula of tooth number of timing-belt pulley is a very important parameter, it will directly affect the stability of the timing-belt pulley drive and the service life of the timing-belt . In the case that the transmission ratio selected by the user has been determined, the use of fewer small timing-belt pulley can make the transmission structure compact, and can save materials and production costs. , but too few small timing-belt pulley will make the belt wrap around the timing-belt pulley, because the number of teeth meshing at the same time becomes smaller, which will cause the belt teeth of the timing-belt to bear too much load and cause the synchronization belt to be disconnected. In addition, if the timing-belt pulley is too small, the diameter of the timing-belt pulley will decrease, so that when the timing-belt enters the timing-belt pulley, the bending stress of the timing-belt will increase, which will easily lead to the bending fatigue of the timing-belt and thus destroy the timing-belt. Therefore, the number of teeth for the small timing-belt pulley will also have a certain limit, can allow the use of the minimum number of teeth.

As the pitch of the belt increases, the minimum number of teeth allowed by the wheel increases. This is because the larger the pitch of the belt, the larger the size of each part of the belt, which makes the belt less flexible, the ability to adapt to the bending will become worse. Therefore, when the pitch is large, the pulley of the small timing belt should have the maximum number of teeth. In the same way, as the speed of the timing-belt pulley increases, the number of times the timing-belt enters the belt wheel in a unit time increases, and the number of times the belt is subjected to bending stress increases. Therefore, in order to improve the long life of timing-belt bending fatigue, the number of timing-belt pulley teeth will need to be increased appropriately.

The formula for calculating the number of teeth of timing-belt is as follows: Z DP, pitch diameter DP, pitch circle diameter P 

Calculation formula of tooth number of timing-belt pulley is as follows,

If the number of teeth of timing-belt is Z, pitch diameter is DP, pitch circle diameter is P, then the calculation formula is as follows, 


Post time: Jun-23-2020