Coupling selection

Coupling model is generally based on the transmission of Torque, speed, tolerance, and so on. To choose. However, different environments require different physical objects. In the choice of coupling also depends on the different conditions to choose the appropriate coupling model. When selecting the standard coupling, the drum-shaped gear coupling shall be made according to the operation requirements and working conditions, such as bearing capacity, speed, relative displacement of the two shafts, buffering and vibration absorption, as well as assembly, disassembly, maintenance and replacement of vulnerable drum gear coupling to determine the comprehensive analysis. The following points can be considered in order when selecting the coupling.

1. Mechanical characteristics of coupling for prime mover and working coupling. The types of prime mover, its output power and speed, some are smooth, some impact or even strong shock or vibration. This will directly affect the choice of coupling type, is one of the primary basis for type selection. For the load is stable, the development of the industry, we can choose rigid elastic pin coupling, otherwise it is appropriate to choose elastic pin coupling, TL elastic sleeve pin coupling.

2. The shafting of coupling and its running condition. For the coupling shaft system with large mass and moment of inertia, and often start, change speed or reverse, the elastic pin coupling which can bear large instantaneous overload and absorb vibration should be considered.

3. For the two-shaft coupling which needs high-speed operation, the structure of the coupling should be chosen to have high balance precision so as to eliminate the vibration and noise caused by centrifugal force, the wear and heat of the drum gear coupling will reduce the transmission quality and service life, and the diaphragm coupling is more suitable for high-speed operation. In short, the appropriate type of coupling selection is conducive to the use of machines and improve work efficiency.

Post time: Jun-23-2020