Pulley Selection

Follow simple steps for as to How to select v-belt pulley, timing pulley and flat belt pulleys for power transmission drive:

Step 1 of pulleys sheaves Selection:

Outside Diameter or Pitch dia of pulley size- Outside diameter or Pitch circle diameter PCD in MM or Inches of driving pulley and driven pulley be estimated taking into account recommended minimum pulley size for each type of drive v-belt section profile or timing belts pitch size or flat belting.

Step 2 of pulleys sheaves Selection:

V-belt Section or Timing belt Pitch Dia type of pulley - Select classical v-belt section or wedge belt section or narrow v-belt section or banded v-belt section or timing belts Pitch size of belts to be driven on pully.

Step 3 of  pulleys sheaves Selection:

Sheave Groove Numbers or Tooth Profile or Face Width of belt pulley- Number of grooves required of v belt pulley to transmit power or machinery torque or trapezoidal tooth profile and number of teeth of timing pulley Or face width of crowned flat belt wheel.

Step 4 of pulleys sheaves Selection:

Bushing type of belt pulley – Taper lock bush or Q.D. bushing or general purpose without taper bush motor pulley be selected to drive machinery.

Taper lock v-belt pulleys with taper bushings are used for quick easy installation of v belts and timing belts without getting pulley grooves getting damaged. Taper Bush is inserted in hub by matching the hole pattern and not threaded holes without hitting bush with hammer directly by re-torqueing the screws.

Quick Detachable v pulleys with Q.D. bushings having collars are used for heavy duty anti-clockwise v-belts drive. Screws are tightened evenly without using excessive pressure and that sheaves are never allowed to be drawn in contact with the flange of Q.D. bushing, else shall crack.

Step 5 of pulleys sheaves Selection:

Bore Size of v grooved pulley, timing pulley and flat pulley – Pilot bore, that is, fixed bore standard factory manufactured or Finished hole diameter of belt pulley be selected and specified that shall be machined custom-size.

Step 6 of pulleys sheaves Selection:

Keyway Size and Balancing of v pulleys – Keyway dimensions, that is, width x depth size, if to be factory machined and Dynamic Balancing of v pulleys necessary for high rpm belt speed drive > 30 m/s, if required, done on world-class sheave balancing machine. Though all v-belt pulleys And timing pulleys are otherwise statically balanced to 6.3 as per ISO 1940 suitable for linear speed up to 35 m/s, precision CNC machined and treated with rust-proof oil paint.

Step 7 of pulleys sheaves Selection:

Material construction of v belt pulley – Cast iron v-belt pulley or cast iron solid hub or aluminium / mild steel timing pulley or M.S. flat pulleys are material constructions of pulley, be selected and specified.

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Post time: Jun-23-2020