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Taper bushings are mechanical parts used to mount pulleys, sprockets, or gears to shafts.

It is designed to be mounted on a shaft with a tapered bore and to be screwed or bolted.

The taper of the bushing matches the taper of the shaft, creating a strong and precise fit that can withstand high levels of torque and vibration without slipping.

Tapered bushings are commonly used in power transmission applications in various industries including mining, manufacturing and construction.

Taper bushes are the most convenient and cost effective method of fixing components to a mating shaft without using any special tools. 


Taper bushes are already provided with the required bore,

keyway, threaded holes and setting screws, thus allowing

to save time and money on machining processes.

All taper bushes in our range are designed for use with all the following products:

Chain sprockets

V-belt pulleys

Timing belt pulleys

Flexible couplings

HRC couplings

Weld-on hubs


(1) After ensuring that the mating surfaces are clean and free from oil and dirt, insert bush in wheel hub so that holes line up.

(2) Place screws loosely in the threaded holes. Clean shaft and fit assembly to shaft in the position desired, considering that bush will grip the shaft first and then the wheel.

(3) Tighten screws first by hand,  

(4) Then using an Allen wrench, gradually and alternately. After short time running of the drive, check tightness of screws.


(5) Loosen all screws and remove one or two according to the number of removal holes. Insert screws into removal holes and tighten them alternately until the bush is loosened and the assembly is free on the shaft Remove assembly from the shaft.

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